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🖥️📲All Photography Courses Is Designed for who Don’t Have Any prior knowledge On How To Use  The Camera, Who Want To Gain Technical Knowledge, Any One Want To Take The First Step Towards A Career In Professional Photography Business. 📸

04 June 2023


2 Hours Lecture Time

6+ Year Of Photography Teaching Experiance






Campus Course

Who is this Course for?

Working People
Retired Person

Anyone Who Wants To Take Better Photos 😍

Photographers Looking To Make Money With Their Skills 🤑

Anyone that wants to turn digital photography into a career or simply feels passionate about it.

Struggling To Create The Photos You Want? This Class Is For You.

This Course Is For Amateur Photographers Who Own DSLR Cameras That Are Predominantly Used In Automatic Mode.

Those Who Want Grow There Photography & Videography Business.

Amateur Photographers Wanting To Improve Their Skills 🥰

Anyone that wants to develop a more impressive portfolio or social media account

Beginners That Have Little To No Experience And Want To Become A Skilled Photographer Without Spending Thousands Of Rupees On Expensive Camera Equipment.

People With Any Type Of Camera, Planning A Nature Field Trip They Want To Photograph.

Anyone Want To Learn Different Types of Studio Lighting Setups.

Anyone Who Finding Difficulty To Get Client For Photography & Videography Business.

The Problems May Be You Are Facing During The Photoshoot ?

You may face several challenges that can impact the quality of your photographs and your overall experience. Here are some of the common problems that You might face

Technical Knowledge

You may not have a complete understanding of how their camera works, which settings to use, or how to manipulate light and composition to capture the perfect shot.


Composition refers to the arrangement of visual elements in a photograph. You may not have the training or experience to create compelling compositions that draw the viewer's eye.

Inconsistent results

You may have difficulty achieving consistent results, leading to frustration and discouragement.


Lighting can make or break a photograph, and You may struggle to capture the right lighting conditions or adjust settings to compensate for poor lighting.

Lack of creativity

You may struggle to come up with unique and creative ideas for their photographs, leading to unoriginal or uninspired images.

Limited feedback

Without access to professional feedback or critique, You may struggle to identify areas for improvement in their work.

What will you learn in this Course?

1. Basic Photography Course

One Month Course

History Of Photography


Types Of Camera

Working of DSLR - Mirrorless camera

Auto Focus - Manual Focus






Depth Of Field

Shooting Modes



Size Of Sensor

Introduction To Flash

Studio Flash

Care Of Equipments

2. Advance Photography Course

One Month Course

Advance Exposure Technique

White Balance

Custom White Balance



Camera Menu Operation


E Commerce Product Photography


Night Photography

Light Painting

Three Point Lighting Setup



Meter & Metering Modes

Multiple Exposure

All Type Of Photography Tips & Tricks

How To Sell Photos ?

3. Diploma In Photography Course

Eight Month Course

Basic Photography

Advance Photography



Must Have Equipment's

Event Flash Photography

Know The Photography Equipment's

Practical Use Of Photography Equipment's

Different Types Of Studio Lighting Setups

Pricing Of Photography, Videography , Cinematography , Wedding Album

How To Give Presentation Of Your Work To Client

Must Have Shots

Album Selection

How To Shoots Birthday

How To Shoot Matrimonial Photos

How To Shoot Engagement Photography

How To Shoot Wedding Photography

How To Shoot Pre Wedding Photography

Indoor Couple Photoshoot With Studio Light

How To Shoot Maternity Photography

How To Shoot Kids Photos

How To Shoot Family Photos

How To Shoot Business Potraits

How To Shoot Cake Smash Photography

How To Shoot New Born Photography

How To Shoot Event Photography

How To Market Your Business Offline

Digital marketing For Photography

Time Is Running Out. Grab Your Spot Fast!

Requirements 👇🏻

You Should Be Excited To Learn Photography, And Ready To Take Action!

No experience required : I will teach you everything !

Focus & Interest


📲 Mobile Phone Or 💻 Laptop Or 🖥️ Desktop For Watch Live Online Lecture

💻 Laptop Or 🖥️ Desktop For Photo & Video Editing

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